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Some questions you might have answered upfront.

In our experience, a typical website design project takes about 6 weeks. This is a rough estimate and depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to the complexity of your project, our current workload, material availability, and any problems that might arise as we work on your project.

Projects requiring a “Rush” will typically incur a 50% markup of the total project cost. This increase is necessary to cover the overtime and additional costs incurred to complete your project in the time frame you require.

Lidija Hirsl, eMosaik founder, will be working as your principal consultant, web designer, developer and your main point of contact throughout the project. I partner with experts in graphic design, digital marketing, SEO, and many other areas and will bring them in to the project if needed.

Projects can often stall as we wait on assets, information, feedback, approvals, etc. we have requested from you. While we are waiting on your response, we will normally begin to work on other projects to make efficient use of our time.

You can significantly influence the speed of the project by collecting the required content ahead of time.

Website Information we will need:

  • Full Business Contact information that we can use for invoicing.
  • Credentials for
    • domain hosting (if you have a domain already),
    • website hosting (if you have it and is different from the above)
  • Email – We need to understand your email situation. Do you have business email already? Where is it hosted with?

Website Assets we will need:

  • Logo files in case you already have logo. If this is not the case, we can connect you to a designer who can create it for you. If a logo design is part of the project, we will not begin to create the design concept until your new logo has been completed since we want the new design coordinate with your new logo.
  • Website copy
  • Website images/videos. We recommend professional photography whenever possible. At the beginning of the project, we will need you to provide us with the assets needed to create your new website: the logo files (if you have one), website copy, website images/videos in good resolution.
  • Credentials for your domain host, your current website host (if different from the domain host), your email. Our Content Guide will assist you in the process of collecting the necessary information and content.

Should you need help obtaining any of the above elements, we can assist you.

We specialize in WordPress and recommend it as a CMS of choice to our clients. Its power and scalability are unrivaled.

On special request, we might build sites Wix, Shopify sites for our clients.

We will assess the project carefully and move forward with providing you with a quote only if we are certain we have sufficient expertise to deliver it. Client satisfaction is our absolute priority.

It is unfortunately not possible to answer this question as every project’s price depends on the specific requirements. In our experience, most businesses start with a Brochure Website Package which includes the following basic elements:

  • bespoke design adapted to look good on all screen sizes
  • up to 5 custom designed website pages (+ Imprint and Privacy Policy page)
  • Google maps integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • security, backup solution
  • basic contact form
  • SEO foundation
  • 1 hour of training

The above mentioned Brochure Website costs CHF 3500.

Our standard payment terms are:

  • 50% of the cost of the Cost of Proposed Scope of Work due as a non-refundable deposit upon execution of the Proposal of Services and this Master Services Agreement.
  • Remaining 50% of the Cost of Proposed Scope of Work due prior to project launch.

In certain cases, for instance, for bigger scope projects, we may request that payments be made at certain additional milestones. If milestone payments are necessary, they will be specifically detailed in the Proposal of Services.

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