Should You Hire a Web Designer or Should You Do It Yourself?

So, you need a website. We’ve listed all the reasons why every small business needs one.

Should you hire a web designer or should you do it yourself?

Like with so many things in life, there is no perfect answer, no solution that fits all. The answer depends on so many factors.

  • Is your business just starting or is it well established? Is there available budget for this project?
  • Do you have personal interest and time to invest into building a website?
  • Are you tech savvy?
  • Are you knowledgeable about websites?
  • Do you enjoy learning?

It is no secret that, when budget permits, your best bet is to get the best of everything you need. If you are a small business just starting up, this is hardly ever the case. If however, your business is established, there is budget available and you are ready to step up you have more options to choose from. 

Weigh you options. Be sincere when talking to yourself. Lay answers to the above questions on a blank piece of paper.

Scenario 1: No budget, but you are willing and serious about doing it yourself

If there is no budget, and you are tech savvy and ready to give it a try, go for one of the popular, user friendly website builders available on market like WIX, Squarespace, Weeblly…

What is important to consider?

Web builders are advertised as ‘no programming skills required’ tools that empower anyone to put up a website in minutes. Even for the friendliest of website builders, this is the truth only very partially. Please know, to create a website that makes sense, you need to be ready to invest time and learn.

When it comes to visual parts of the website, your best option is to use one of the professionally made templates, replacing template images with yours, replacing template texts with yours, taking care they remain the same length. As soon as you start moving things around, adding your elements, you will be ‘breaking’ the harmony, deferring from the beautiful template you started from.

If you need to add functionality not included in your template, you have to be comfortable bringing 3rd party software in and setting it up so that the website as a whole works seamlessly. At this point more skills are required.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to discourage you to do it yourself if that is your intention. On the contrary, hats down to each and every person who opts for it. Learning has never been easier than it is today. So many online resources are available for learning. If you are serious about it, you will succeed.

Scenario2: No budget, you are not tech savvy

If there is no budget, and you are not tech savvy it is getting a bit difficult. The truth is that it is better to have some website than none at all. See if you can get someone you know to help you put up a simple web page till you reach a phase where you can invest into a professional website.

Tip: Please do not approach a web designer with ‘I have no money’. It is disrespectful. None of us go to a store saying we would love to fill a basket but have no money to pay. Approach a professional when the time is right and you are serious about the project or you have a valuable proposal to offer.

Scenario3: Budget available

Whether it is a web design agency or a web designer, make sure to research, check their portfolio, search for testimonials, meet them in person and see how you feel about it. Like with so many physical products on the market, price is no guaranty of a quality. Do your best selecting the party you are going to work with.

Stay tuned for the What to Get Ready before hiring a web designer in our next post.

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