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WordPress Websites

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eMosaik Web Design Studio

was founded as an alternative to traditional web design for small businesses and a passion for effective, highly functional yet creative, stylish websites.
An attractive website is essential to the success of every business today. It reflects the passion, the purpose and the personality of your brand.

Your website is your #1 marketing asset &
your best salesperson.

Beyond the Aesthetically Pleasing.
I believe that through design details, colors and typography you can immediately connect and communicate to your customer on the emotional level, leaving long-lasting impressions and initiating a meaningful conversation.
Websites need to establish trust and feel credible to turn visitors into customers. The usability of your website can make or break your online success. An essential element of my work is helping you structure your content so it is effective and accessible in the most intuitive way for the user, therefore clearly communicating the credibility of your brand.

Personal Experience. Evocative Design.
Whenever I work on a new website, I am fascinated with the idea to reveal part of the personality and infuse the founder’s passion and purpose into the layout. I like to take the time to get to know my customers, learning about their expectations, future plans and the experience they want for their own clients when visiting the website. The process often turns into a co-creative journey enjoyed by both sides.


Lidija Hirsl, eMosaik Founder

Start building your online identity today.


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eMosaik specializes in WordPress solutions for small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers and other professionals.

I am committed to understanding your brand and your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a brand new website, a redesign or an improvement of your existing website, I have the expertize to help you achieve your goal.

I love what I do, and find it incredibly satisfying to see the impact of our work on your business.

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Regular maintenance is mandatory.

Keeping your website up and running in good condition is a mandatory task after your website creation. Neglecting website maintenance can have many undesirable consequences:

  • Lowered security
  • Increased loading time
  • Decreased user experience
  • Declining rankings in SEO

A site that is not taken care of becomes more chaotic and harder to use over time.

What does the tech maintenance service include?

  • Weekly updates of WordPress Core, Theme and Plugins
  • Regular website backups and storage of backups
  • Database optimization
  • Monitoring website uptime
  • Security and malware scanning

If you are too busy to take time and maintain your site yourself, eMosaik can take care of it for you.

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No job is too big or too small.

If you need help with editing content on your existing website, I am happy to help you accomplish this task  in a short period of time.

  • creating landing pages
  • adding events to your events calendar
  • adding blog posts etc.


Frau Hirsl, eMosaik, ist eine äusserst gewissenhaft arbeitende Webentwicklerin und sie verfügt über einen fundierten Informatikbackground im internationalen Umfeld. Diese spürbare Professionalität in der Beratung und Entwicklung war für mich wichtig. Ihr Flair für Kunst und Gestaltung, für das Schöne, ist gerade im Webumfeld unverzichtbar. Eine einzigartige Kombination von professioneller Webentwicklung und schöner Gestaltung. Ihr dabei grösstmöglichen Handlungsspielraum zu geben hat sich immer sehr bewährt. Frau Hirsl hat zudem bei der Einrichtung von Facebook, Twitter und einem Newsletter wertvolle Unterstützug geleistet. Diese umfassende Beratung sowie ihre sehr angenehme, unterstützende und zuverlässige Art, lässt ihr Projekt zu einem schönen Erfolg werden.
Freuen auch Sie sich darauf!

Gregor Ziltener, Novalis GmbH

I’m so pleased to have worked with Lidija to create my Strive & Thrive website.

Lidija listened to me, understood my personality and my needs and created a site that fits me completely. In little over a month, we started from scratch and put the site online, just in time for a major event for which I absolutely wanted to be present on the net. What a “tour de force”!

Lidija was extremely flexible and available, responding quickly to my requests and calls. She was able to offer solutions while keeping in mind my own interests. Today I still work with her for the improvement of the site and its maintenance.

Lidija is a professional web designer whom I recommend to everyone.

Cathrin Schopfer, Strive & Thrive

Ich möchte mich bei dir für deine hervorragende Arbeit für meine Webseite ganz herzlich bedanken.
Die neue Webseite, von dir entworfen und entwickelt, ist ein Quantensprung zu meiner vorherigen Seite sowie vom Design, wie auch von der Struktur her. Ich habe die Arbeit mit dir sehr geschätzt. Es hat bereits mit deiner Geduld für mich angefangen, ging weiter mit der Unterstützung in der Entwicklung meiner Ideen, bis zur Realisierung, die für mich Designmässig und technisch sehr gut geworden ist.
Ich bin mit deiner Leistung sehr zufrieden, umso mehr, weil ich einige sehr positive Feedbacks von überraschten Drittpersonen zu meine Webseite erhalten habe.
Ich freue mich, mit dir weiter zu arbeiten und zu wissen, dass ich in dir eine so zuverlässige und talentierte Partnerin für meine Webseite habe.

Arie Malcus, Malcus Coaching